Halloween Hayride  October 2015

Happy Fall! Hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather we’ve had thus far!!

Please  check out: Halloween Hayride 2015 announcing this year’s Halloween Hayride and Festivities, hosted again by the Hunstad’s on October 31st at 5:30pm! Last year was a GREAT time… and sure this year will be as well.  Please see page two of the invite for details (and response requested) for the Soup and Bread Contest!

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Burn Pile Update and Golf Course Reminder January 2015

Proposed Burn Pile information is located here: Ridges Burn Pile Proposed Layout

Reminder that the course has been very accommodating to our neighborhood, but please when walking on the course at ANY time, avoid walking on or near the greens or tee boxes.  The grass in those areas is easily damaged, especially in colder weather.

Annual Meeting November 2014

We will be having our Annual Homeowners meeting on December 4th at 6pm at the Ridges at Sand Creek clubhouse.

Also a Halloween Hayride/Chili Event was a GREAT TIME!!  Thanks to all who helped coordinate – especially the Hunstad’s who hosted!


Trail Erosion August 2014

Dear Neighbors,
I’m sure everyone knows knows the recent rains have caused considerable damage and hazards in areas around Scott County.  We all know about the river flood, and I’m sure you’ve heard about the issues at the brewery in downtown Jordan, leading to its evacuation.  Rain is a good thing, in moderation… excessive rain is often destructive.
Unfortunately our neighborhood and Homeowner’s Association is not exempt from the pain.  Some property owned by the Association (therefore OUR property) was also damaged in a number of areas within our trail system. In some places the trail has completely washed away.  We are in the process of evaluating the system and understanding the scope of the problem. Some homeowners/members have contacted various governmental entities on behalf of the Association to enlist their help and possibly secure partial funding – this effort continues.
As the land for the trails and outlots is owned by the Association, we need to take the appropriate steps to maintain and repair (IF POSSIBLE) and to limit our liability, retaining as much of the system as we can.  To evaluate and better understand the needs and costs, we gathered members of the board and trails committee recently to discuss.  Resulting from that meeting, we will be taking the following action:
– Posting “Private Property” signs at all trail entrances and outlot areas.  The Association property is private property, not for public access, and will be posted as such.  The Association accepts no responsibility for non-residents/owners of the Association in or around these areas.  Residents/members/owners or Sand Creek Estates, as always, are welcome to use the open trails and explore, at your own risk of course.
– Posting “Trail Closed” signs around areas where the trail is significantly damaged. We ask everyone to stay off the trails in these areas due to unstable and possibly hazardous conditions. The Association can accept no liability for anyone choosing to enter these areas.  Please note, pending the outcome of the evaluation and funding efforts, some trails/segments may require permanent closure.
– Board and Trails Committee members will continue to work with the appropriate entities (Scott WMO, Soil and Water Conservation, etc) to evaluate the damage and apply for any Federal, State, or local funds available to assist in the repair and erosion mitigation.
We will update all residents/owners/members via our website ( ) as additional information comes available.

Burn Pile Update June 2014

Ridges at Sand Creek Golf Course has requested homeowner’s stop using the burn pile at this time.  The burn pile is specifically designed for burnable yard waste such as small tree, bush, brush, and yard burnable waste – NOT for logs, fallen trees, and absolutely no building materials or other wood of any kind.  In the past there have been issues of dumping refuse not he pile, and recently there has been additional dumping of building materials placed on the pile… therefore the golf course has revoked our privilege for the balance of this year.  We will continue to talk to them and hopefully we can mend the situation, but for now we must no longer use the pile at all.

Pool and BBQ Party June 28th, 2014

You all should have received an invite directly via e-mail to a pool party scheduled in June.  If you have not, please e-mail Jodi Church at  Love to see you all there!

Date: Saturday, June 28th
Time: 2:00pm – 8:00pm
Place: Jodi and Matt Church (4500 Golfview Drive)
Food, Beer, Soda and Water will be provided